The Problem with Church Denominations

Methodist. Presbyterian. Roman Catholic. Baptist. Adventist.  These are just a few of the approximately 41,000 Christian denominations.  That’s at least 41,000 ways to divide the Christian church

Earlier I made a post about the difference of being spiritual vs being religious.  Naturally, there were some people quick to defend their denomination, but not their God.  Why do we divide ourselves among denominations and Baptists shout at Catholics and say, “We are better than you” or Catholics say “No we are the one and true faith”.  To steal a Catholic hymn, “We are many parts, we are all one body.”

The church is divided in more than 41,000 different ways.  As I have been exploring my faith, I have personally gone to Baptist, Catholic, Non-denominational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.  Here is the common denominator between them all.  It is to “Love God, Love Yourself, and then to share that love with other people”.

I long for a day where a church is no longer hiding behind their veil of a denomination.  I long for a day when someone asks, “Which religion are you?” That the response is, “I’m a follower of Jesus Christ.”


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